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Imagine taking a stroll down a garden path.  The fragrance of magnolia hangs in the air and the warm breeze envelopes you like a favorite blanket. You marvel at the amazing combination of nature and cultivated flowers. The beauty is inspiring and the feeling is undeniable. You know you've arrived.

You're in the South, the Deep South.

Deep South Designs and Decorating masterfully combines natural and cultivated elements to create the perfect atmosphere for your wedding or event. We make sure everything is just the way you want, whether it's classic, whimsical, or somewhere in-between. 

Always beautiful. Guaranteed.


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Becki Gibson, Proprietor

Deep South started in 2015?  Need help with this!

Becki is a really great designer and awesome sista-in-law!  ;-)

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goals - design philosophy, etc.



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